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Thursday, March 10, 2005

TABOR, and Why it is WRONG

The Terror of TABOR: "Around the country, right-wing radicals are working feverishly to undermine public services in health, education, public safety and every other area. Their weapon of choice is something called the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (or TABOR), which severely and artificially limits revenue and spending for all services, no matter how great the need."
This document describes how TABOR works. [TABOR] And this document shows how disastrous it has been for Colorado, who implemented it in 1993. [Disaster] "No existing measure of inflation correctly captures the growth in the cost of the kind of services purchased in the public sector." That means "the inflation adjustment generally is not sufficient to allow the continuation of existing services." [CAP]
Undermining Healthcare [Children Suffer]
Undermining Education [CO Ranks 48th in School Funding per $1000 of Income]
Undermining the Economy [hemorrhaging Jobs] [Heritage Dishonesty]
The Bipartisan backlash [Gov Owens (R) is publicly critical of TABOR] [Sacrificing the Future of Children] [Bob Novak is a HACK]
Here's what Grassroots NorthShore, a local grassroots organization, has to say about the possibility of TABOR in Wisconsin. [GRNS]

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