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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Nuclear Option

More on DeLay [Think Progress] [Brewtown Politico] [TomPaine] [Yahoo]

On the "Nuclear Option": "Republican party officials and Radical Right leaders are ramping up their grassroots operations to support Majority Leader Bill Frist's big plan to trigger the "nuclear option" and clear the path for extreme Supreme Court nominees." [PFAW] [Sign This Petition] [Sign2!] [WSJ]

This would take away the ability to filibuster Senate Judicial nominees. Hey, repugnicans: We won't be in the minority for much longer!!! What goes around, comes around!!!

At least one Democratic Senator is standing up. [Reid] [Boston]

Drilling in ANWR: "Mr. Bush mentioned some of these ideas in a speech last week, but only in passing. His main emphasis was not on reducing demand (of oil), but on increasing supply by opening the refuge. That is where this administration has been ever since Dick Cheney's energy report of 2001. It was the wrong place to be then, and it is the wrong place now." [Drilling] [Take Action!] [CAP]

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