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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Screwed Again

I am writing this post, talking to the simple FACT that Ron Santo got screwed by the Hall of Fame voters, again. First, he was screwed by the veteran's committee back in 2003. Then he lost the Frick award this year, and now, the veteran's committee has decided not to elect anyone again. The next election is 2007.
The Hall of Famers that are voting on this are on crack. Santo hit .277, with 342 HR's, 1,331 RBI's, had 5 Gold Gloves, and was a nine-time all-star. I pull for Ronnie not just because he was a great player, but because of what he had to overcome. He was diagnosed with type I diabetes in high school, but it didn't stop him. He made it to the majors, and was one of the top 3B's of his era. I too am a type I diabetic, and I struggled and suffered to run cross-country and track at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater...but I did it. Ron Santo inspired me then, and he continues to inspire me to this day.
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