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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Support Bryan Kennedy on November 7th

Pardon me for being so incredulous, but what happened to the JS? Did the Editorial staff grow a conscience overnight?

Today, they endorsed Bryan Kennedy for the 5th Congressional district, over F. Jim Sensenbrenner. You can read the endorsement here. Here are some highlights:

"Two years ago, we recommended Jim Sensenbrenner for another term representing Wisconsin's 5th Congressional District. Today, we simply cannot. Sensenbrenner has been wrong on too much, from an immigration policy that puts him at odds with much of his own party and the business community to failure to exert meaningful oversight over White House domestic spying policies."

"Sensenbrenner was wrong on immigration. His enforcement-only plan included making felons of undocumented immigrants and a useless 700-mile fence that will do nothing to solve this national problem. Worse for Republicans, his obstinacy split his own party and cost it a rare opportunity to significantly broaden its base. Sensenbrenner was wrong on the USA Patriot Act. We need many of its provisions in this era of terrorism, but the version he championed strode upon the liberty of every American. Sensenbrenner was wrong on Real ID, which will cost states millions of dollars to implement and which fixed something that wasn't broken. Sensenbrenner was wrong not to dig deeper into the National Security Agency's domestic spying program. Sensenbrenner sent a letter to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales but didn't bother with the real spade work. Sensenbrenner was wrong to waste taxpayers' money by taking more than $160,000 in junkets since 1994, not to mention the more than $200,000 in world travel paid for by lobbyists and think tanks over the past six years. Sensenbrenner was wrong to push bills that would make it harder for police agencies to track illegal guns and to crack down on rogue gun dealers. Sensenbrenner was wrong to indict Milwaukee as "fast becoming the murder capital of the U.S." and wrong to lash out at Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, calling him a "crybaby" for having the brass to criticize Congress. It's but one example of the congressman's increasingly belligerent and unproductive tone."

Sensenbrenner is just wrong. Please support Bryan Kennedy on November 7th.

Friday, October 20, 2006

To The Undecided

Whomever you may be...

I'm really not sure how anyone could be undecided in this years Governors race between Democrat Incumbent Jim Doyle, and Republican challenger, Mark Green. Much like I couldn't fathom being undecided in the last Presidental election.

That being said, see for yourself where you stand with the candidates by taking this JS Online quiz. It's best if you check 'Select All,' and have all 15 issue questions. Let's just say that I heavily favored one candidate over the other.

And don't forget to watch the debate tonight! It airs on MPTV at 7, or WTMJ-4 at 10:30.