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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Happy Birthday, Drinking Liberally!

Happy Birthday, Drinking Liberally!

Sadly, no, I will not be able to attend tonight. My wife is all achy, and I can't leave her home alone with a 10-month old.

I know, I know...I've been a BAD Ben PAC!!! I haven't attended in a long while, and they're even bringing cake!!! Read for yourself:

"Drinking Liberally has been coming together in Milwaukee for the past year! It's been a great year of making friendships, networking, and having a darn good time.

One of our members will be bringing delicious cake, so get your tuckus down to Club G on Wednesday (September 13) and enjoy the cake (free!), chicken wings (30 cents apiece!) and Spotted Cow ($2 off pitchers!), and celebrate a great year of bringing the Left together in Milwaukee!

7:00 onward at Club Garibaldi, 2501 S. Superior St. in Bay View (a.k.a. Milwaukee)."

DL is a great event. It brings all sorts of really wonderful people together, united by a cause. I will make a better attempt to come again SOON. Sorry that I can't join you all!