I Want to Save a Child's Sight!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day

Happy Leap Day, aka, February 29th. It only happens once every four years (like an election), so celebrate the confusion. :)

We found out today that our 2nd child will be a girl! We're obviously VERY excited! This leaves me very outnumbered in my house...something my wife won't let me live down.

Maybe the snow can stop now? Please?

Cactus League action is now underway! Stats don't matter, but it's SO wonderful to see baseball again. Maybe work will calm down enough that I can listen to a game.

Root for Obama on Tuesday...if he wins both Texas and Ohio, look for Clinton to concede and drop out. Not that I think she's bad, but it's Obama's time. He's clearly the better candidate, and maybe now the internal, personal attacks will stop. Here's to hoping so.