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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Rx for Disaster

A pharmacist at a Menomonie, WI Kmart in July 2002 denied a birth-control prescription for a UW-Stout student. The pharmacist refused to fill the prescription on "moral grounds", and also refused to refer the student to another pharmacy to get the prescription filled. He went so far as to deny to transfer the prescription when another pharmacy called. [JS] [NARAL]

I just don't understand. This guy's only concern was his own "moral code", not the welfare and well-being of the patient. I don't care if you're opposed to giving out birth-control, she handed you a prescription from a doctor to fill it, so you FILL IT. End of story. All that is going to happen to this guy is a reprimand, and they'll make him list out what he will and will not dispense to a patient to a future employer.

The teachers of the Berkeley school district in California aren't giving homework these days. But it's not because they are kind souls, it's because they haven't been given a pay increase in two years. The teachers are only putting in the time required by the district, and have stopped giving up their personal time to grade papers, help students, or call parents back. [Yahoo] [KSBW] [CNN]

It's terrible that this has to escalate like this, but bravo to these teachers. I can attest that teachers are NOT paid anywhere near what they are worth, or are adequately compensated for their time and efforts. The worst part is that the students end up suffering the consequences. This is happening far too often now days, due to the fact that revenue to schools is cut, and they can't provide health coverage and pay to the teachers, forcing them to choose.

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