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Friday, March 25, 2005

Ownership Society

Herbert: "President Bush believes in an "ownership" society, which means that except for the wealthy, you're on your own. The president's budget would cut funding for Medicaid, food stamps, education, transportation, health care for veterans, law enforcement, medical research and safety inspections for food and drugs. And, of course, it contains big new tax cuts for the wealthy." [NYT]

NYT: "It is time for more such second thoughts. Any new money for the ethics panel will be wasted unless Republican members, wary of being yoked to Mr. DeLay, demand that the rules be stiffened to gain some ethical credibility in the House."

More on DeLay. Kos: "But it is clear that the House majority leader is not above using the suffering of a woman he has never met to promote his own, increasingly shaky, political career."

DeLay has gone so far to say that Terry Schiavo's situation is a gift from god. This is all just a distraction from his ethics issues. DeLay is like that magician wearing the funny top hat and cape, and playing the misdirection game. Well, the rabbit in his pocket just took a big dump.

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