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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Narrow Escape

UNC narrowly defeated Villanova last night, 67-66, to advance to the Elite Eight. [CBS] [Seniors] [IC] [Box] [Bottom Line]

The referees were terrible in this game, on both sides. The phantom foul calls on Felton down the stretch were just disgusting, and the questionable travelling call on Ray with 9 seconds left will be debated for years to come. Regardless, it's about survive and advance. Villanova gave UNC everything it could handle on Friday night, but they emerged, not unscathed, but maybe tougher.

The Tarheels move on to face Wisconsin, who beat NC State. [CBS] [Dial Long-Distance] [The Edge]

All year, the ACC was far and away the best conference in basketball. The top three teams (North Carolina, Wake Forest, & Dook) probably could have competed in the NBA. They soundly trounced the Big Ten in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge, held in early December. But, the Big Ten has the advantage in the NCAA's, advancing three teams to the Elite Eight. Honestly, the Big Ten has been underrated all year, just like they always are in football. They beat the crap out of each other all year, then wonder why only three teams having outstanding records. Michigan State outplayed dook, plain and simple. Dook was overrated this year, and they got shown the gate. Illinois has been probably the best team in the nation all year. Wisconsin has flown under the radar, but is really putting it together now. Wake got beat by a team that wanted it more. UNC has played their bad game in the tournament, and won't be scared anymore. They could possibly have to play and beat all three Big Ten teams to win it all.

UNC vs. Wisconsin. This is the game that I have been fearing since I saw the brackets announced. As a born and bred Wisconsin guy, I love Wisconsin. I've had family and friends go to school there, and I was there when they won in 2000 to go to the Final Four. The rush to State Street was something that I'll never forget. On the other hand, North Carolina was the team that got me interested in college basketball. I have an authentic Michael Jordan UNC jersey. They represent all that I love about basketball. So, I'm really torn about this game. I cannot root against either team.

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Mike said...

I have to agree with you that the referees were absolutely horrible in the UNC-'Nova game. That last traveling call was ridiculous, and I think UNC was lucky to escape with the win. The important thing I still have all my final four teams left in the bracket..:)

You know who I will be rooting for, but no matter what happens, this may be the greatest tournament I have ever seen, and yesterday had the best back-to-back games EVER! I hope today delivers the same excitement.