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Monday, March 07, 2005

Bankruptcy Hypocrisy

Check out this special edition of the Talking Points Memo Blog by Joshua Micah Marshall. It's all about the Bankruptcy Bill that is being pushed through Congress by the right-wingers: "At the Judiciary Committee hearings a few weeks ago, GOP senators and their witnesses alleged that the purpose of S.256 is to eliminate "the abuses of the bankruptcy law that we have witnessed in recent years." Their underlying assumption, of course, is that bankruptcy filings are on the rise because more Americans are gaming the system. No doubt there is a small number of bad apples, but nobody, including Volokh blogger Todd Zywicki, has pointed to any empirical evidence suggesting that the barrel is rotten. There is, however, one class of bankruptcy abuse that's both highly visible and well-documented: that perpetrated by the wealthiest filers. [TalkingPointsMemo] [Fainthearted Faction] [Consumer Champs] [WP]

The Center for American Progress has some GREAT resources on the Bankruptcy Bill. The credit card industry alone took in over $30 BILLION last year. [LAT] Haven't we had enough!?!?!?
Here's what the right-wingers have rejected so far:
-Closing loopholes for millionaires-Rejected [NYT]
-Protections for the Elderly-Rejected [Elderly]
-Protections for the Sick-Rejected [Medical Bills]
-Protections for Veterans-Rejected [Veterans]

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