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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Conscience Clause

The "Conscience Clause" is designed to let medical professionals not help patients in need. And that, is truly sad. Pharmacists have no place in the doctor-patient relationship. [JS]

Senate on the brink of the "Nuclear Option". Don't end the filibuster!!! [NYTO]

Kane: "But both men were engulfed in a now-typical hysteria about the boundaries of free speech, which means we may be edging dangerously closer to the age of more censorship of ideas than ever before. And make no doubt about it, that would be a very bad thing indeed." [JS]

And Bush authorized this: "The process, known as rendition, has been central in the government's efforts to disrupt terrorism, but has been bitterly criticized by human rights groups on grounds that the practice has violated the Bush administration's public pledge to provide safeguards against torture." [Torture] [DIreland] [Yahoo]

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