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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Starve the Beast

Krugman: "And the consequence of the failure of the starve-the-beast theory is a looming fiscal crisis - Mr. Greenspan isn't wrong about that. The middle class won't give up programs that are essential to its financial security; the right won't give up tax cuts that it sold on false pretenses. The only question now is when foreign investors, who have financed our deficits so far, will decide to pull the plug." [NYT]

Greenspan is a NO-TALENT HACK!!! [Reid] [Wolcott] [Kos]

Rich: ""Reporting America's Story," NBC's slogan, is what Hunter Thompson actually did before the phrase was downsized into a vacuous marketing strategy. As for Mr. Rather, he gave a valedictory interview to Ken Auletta of The New Yorker in which he said, "The one thing I hope, and I believe, is that even my enemies think that I am authentic." The bar is so low these days that authenticity may well constitute a major journalistic accomplishment in itself." [NYT]

What the hell is wrong w/ the media? You hear about all "liberal media" crap, but not about real stories. I guess our society cares more about Martha Stewart getting out of jail, than it does about a GOP press plant that lies about his identity, throws softball questions to the president and his press secretary, and sits 20 feet away from the president. And they talk about security???

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