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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Real Maestro

Krugman: "The bankruptcy bill was written by and for credit card companies, and the industry's political muscle is the reason it seems unstoppable. But the bill also fits into the broader context of what Jacob Hacker, a political scientist at Yale, calls "risk privatization": a steady erosion of the protection the government provides against personal misfortune, even as ordinary families face ever-growing economic insecurity."

"Other amendments were aimed at protecting families and individuals who have clearly been forced into bankruptcy by events, or who would face extreme hardship in repaying debts. Ted Kennedy introduced an exemption for cases of medical bankruptcy. Russ Feingold introduced an amendment protecting the homes of the elderly. Dick Durbin asked for protection for armed services members and veterans. All were rejected. " [NYT]

I want to give a BIG thank you to 14 "Democratic" Senators, but most especially, Senator Herb Kohl. Thank YOU Senator for selling out your state and voting to invoke cloture on the Bankruptcy Bill.

GOP Voters, you have NO right to complain about anything...you get what YOU voted for!!! "The president's decision to take on the farm lobby has caught many by surprise. He gave no hint of it during his reelection campaign, which was based on winning the South and most of the upper Midwest farm states." [WP] [Kos]

More on the Bankruptcy Bill, expected to pass this week. [NYT] [NYTO] [Kos] [CAP] [RudePundit] [Annatopia] [Atrios]

More on PA-Repug Rick Santorum and his fight against the working-class. [Santorum] [Ricky2]


Thomas said...

Do you think there is any chance that Tom Delay or Rick Santorum can lose next year?

Thomas said...

Tom Delay will probably win next year. But it will be nice that he will have squirm a little to get there.

I guess we can celebrate that he will likely never be Speaker.