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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Dan Rather signs off from CBS News. [CBS News] [A Reporter Remembers] [NYT] [Yahoo] [Video] [Photos]

Rather is leaving w/ the specter of the Bush Reports from just before the election, regarding Bush's "guard service," or rather the lack-thereof. He will be missed...by me at least. I don't watch the Evening News much anymore on the "big 3" networks. Hell, no one will EVER touch Walter Cronkite. I cried when he left.

Kristof on home-grown Osamas: "So we don't have to go to Saudi Arabia to find violent religious extremists steeped in hatred for all America stands for. Wake up - they're here." [NYT] [Right to Bear Arms]

The new cover of the highly anticipated book Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was unveiled today. See it here...here...and here.

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