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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A Party Inverted

A Party Inverted: "If Democrats are serious about preparing for the next election or the next election after that, some influential Democrats will have to resist entrusting their dreams to individual candidates and instead make a commitment to build a stable pyramid from the base up. It will take at least a decade's commitment, and it won't come cheap. But there really is no other choice." [NYT]

What is really wrong w/ the democrats? They have no balls.

In the Name of Politics: "The historic principles of the Republican Party offer America its best hope for a prosperous and secure future. Our current fixation on a religious agenda has turned us in the wrong direction. It is time for Republicans to rediscover our roots." [NYT]

Ok, so this article was partially right; the repugnican party has gone off the deep end. It is now controlled by the religiously insane, and the real republicans need to take their party back. However, Danforth's statement that the "historic principles of the republican party offer America its best hope for a prosperous and secure future" is not just simply erroneous, it's a gross-misstatement of what the republicans stand for.

Kristoff: "Perhaps the White House thinks it has the moral high ground when it preaches, completely irrelevantly, to women like Mrs. Sibanda about the need to be faithful. But it strikes me as hypocritical to pontificate about virtue while pursuing an ideological squeamishness about condoms that risks condemning Mrs. Sibanda and millions like her to die of AIDS." [NYT]

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