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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Voting Holiday

Saw this on Brewtown Politico: "Senator Clinton pushes voting holiday, allowing ex-cons to vote."

In addition to creating a federal holiday for voting, this bill would:

-Require paper receipts for votes
-Authorize $500 million to help states make the changes in voting systems and equipment
-Allow ex-felons to vote. Currently an estimated 4.7 million Americans are barred from voting because of their criminal records
-Require adoption of the changes in time for the 2006 election [USAT] [FindLaw]

You can sign the petition at the Friends of Hillary website. [FriendsOfHillary]

Isn't it about time for meaningful election reform!? I would love to see election day as a federal holiday, if only for selfish reasons of not having to take a day off of work to work for a campaign. Paper receipts are a must-have. I have no issue with ex-felons being allowed to vote. If you've served your time, then you should get your rights back. I agree w/ Scott, that making it a holiday will be harder because of the Constitution. But this reform is LONG overdue.

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