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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Are You Happy??????

Bipartisan panel slams NCLB: "A bipartisan panel of state lawmakers that studied the effectiveness of President Bush's No Child Left Behind initiative assailed it today as a flawed, convoluted and unconstitutional education reform effort that had usurped state and local control of public schools." [NYT]

So, do you think that people would start to realize that No Child Left Behind is a mess!? Maybe it's an unfunded mandate that DOESN'T WORK!!! Are you red-staters happy now??? Are you?????

Here's an article about the stem cell debate in California. Can we just get down to business of actually trying to help people, and cure diseases rather than worry about a clump of cells in a petri dish!?!?!?! [NYT]

Kristof: "During past genocides against Armenians, Jews and Cambodians, it was possible to claim that we didn't fully know what was going on. This time, President Bush, Congress and the European Parliament have already declared genocide to be under way. And we have photos. This time, we have no excuse." [NYT]

Bush always gets credit for his social security proposals...but, has anyone in the general public really taken a look at them? The longer this stays on the table, the less-attractive it becomes. Wake up Sheeple!!!!!!!!! [NYT]

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