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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Rogue Nation?

However you feel about the global treaty to curb global warming, you can't deny the fact that the US is the largest polluter, and is doing virtually nothing to slow pollution spewed into our environment.

"The planet faces many environmental challenges, but none of them come close to global warming. In the past month new studies have shown that the trigger point for severe climate change may be closer than previously thought, and the possible consequences even more severe. Just to slow the pace of this rapid warming will require every possible response, from more efficient cars to fewer sprawling suburbs to more trains to - well, the list is pretty well endless." [Op-Ed]

Sign HERE to tell the auto industry to innovate, not litigate! "Today marks a major milestone. With Kyoto, the world is moving forward to address global warming. While the Bush administration blocks national legislation, we should pressure industry to take the lead, before it's too late."
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