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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Hope Springs Eternal

Hope Springs Eternal. Snow blankets many of the parks, fields, and stadiums where baseball will be played in 2 short months. Players have moved to warmer climates to start their journeys toward the elusive ring. Lord of the Rings??? No, Spring Training!!!
I can't express how excited I am for Spring Training to start! Cubs pitchers and catchers report today, with the first full workout tomorrow. The Brewers report on Saturday.

After a disappointing 2004 season which saw a end of season collapse for the Cubs, and a All-Star breakdown for the Brewers, bring it on! The Cubs try to make it three winning seasons in a row, and the Brewers try to break the streak of 12 losing seasons.

HOORAY for spring baseball!!! I've included a bunch of links related to the Cubs and Brewers spring training, as well as NL and NL Central previews. There is an interview with Mark Prior, and an article about Sosa. Also, check out what's in the sauce! [Spring Preview] [NL Outlook] [Cubs] [Brewers] [Tribune] [Tribune Preview] [Prior] [Sosa] [Gammons] [Fox] [Bartman Ball]

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