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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Spearing the Beast

Krugman: "President Bush isn't trying to reform Social Security. He isn't even trying to "partially privatize" it. His plan is, in essence, to dismantle the program, replacing it with a system that may be social but doesn't provide security. And the goal, as with his tax cuts, is to undermine the legacy of Franklin Roosevelt." [NYT]

For anyone interested in a progressive organization on Milwaukee's Northshore, check out Grassroots Northshore. I started working with this group during the campaign, when it was known as Grassroots Shorewood. [Grassroots Northshore] [Join!]

One of the main issues being discussed by Grassroots Northshore is TABOR, or the tax-payers bill of rights. Colorado enacted TABOR in the mid-1990's, and hardest hit has been the school and university system. Some facts:
Wisconsin ranks 50th in the nation in share of taxes paid by businesses.
Wisconsin ranks 16th in the nation in spending.

Ok, listen: taxes are always too high, and no one likes paying them. But, I bet you like it when your house is on fire, and the fire department shows up. Or when the garbage man comes and removes all the garbage, or when the school bus comes to pick up your kids. If you don't think that this Administration has raised taxes, think again! They have cut funding to the states in a MAJOR way. This forces the states to find a way to make up for the lost revenue. Your property taxes go up to fund schools that are already pinched, and to provide even the most basic of services.

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