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Monday, February 21, 2005

Ignoring Cancer

Herbert: "It may be that most Americans would prefer not to know about these practices, which are nothing less than malignant cells that are already spreading in the nation's soul. Denial is often the first response to the most painful realities. But most Americans also know what happens when a cancer is ignored." [NYT]

Proof-Positive that the Conservative ideology doesn't work: "A number right-wing Washington, D.C. politicians have headed back to their states as newly-elected governors. And their behavior, once they leave Beltway fantasyland for the real world, shows just how out of touch today’s conservative ideology is with solving real problems." [ThinkProgress] [Kos]

It's all about gutting spending on critical programs (like Medicaid). These conservative politicians ram their agenda through Congress, then they go back home, and see that oh wait...it DOESN'T WORK!!! Then they come back and try to address reality, not just push an ideology, and wait...the Progressive agenda works! [WP] [CommonDreams]

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