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Monday, November 29, 2004

Welcome Back, Kotter!

After my extended weekend in Green Bay for Thanksgiving, I'm back!

Great weekend. Thursday was the best. We all got together at my Grandpa & Grandma's house for "Thanks-mas." Now, you're probably asking what "Thanks-mas" is. This is a twist on "Christmukkah" that has been popularized by Seth Cohen on The O.C. Since my Grandparents go to Florida every winter now, they don't stay much past Thanksgiving. So, our new tradition is to have Thanksgiving dinner, then we do Christmas; hence "Thanks-mas" or "Christ-giving." Now, just to clarify, it's ALWAYS around 85-90 degrees in my Grandpa & Grandma's house. So, when you pack 20 people in a basement room to celebrate, it gets REALLY hot. Good times.

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