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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

My Wife ROCKS!!!

Becky finished her first Grad School class tonight!!! 3 credits down, 32 to go! [Becky ROCKS!]

This got me thinking about the state of education in the US, and about our finances. With Becky in Grad School, our finances are tighter than ever. Once she finishes, eventually, she will make slightly more money. But, not enough to keep up with inflation. Teacher pay has only risen 1.3 percent each year since 2001. That is much less than the average rate of cost of living increase each year. Tough to make a living. Even after she gets these two Grad degrees, she may have to find another job that pays more.

As of 2003, Wisconsin ranked 23rd in average teacher pay. [WEAC]
This article sites stagnant resources as jeopardizing our public school systems. [NEA]

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