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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Media Censorship

Frank Rich NAILS it again...So, why won't you air "Saving Private Ryan?" Afraid of a fine for running a movie about a 60-year old war with a few expletives and some (although very graphic) gore. If you don't like it, don't watch. This was supposed to air on VETERAN'S DAY!
So, let's not show this "offensive" movie, and then we won't show the truth of Iraq either...Let's toe that line the Administration has drawn in the sand and follow in lockstep with Fox News!!!

You WILL be loyal subjects!!! King George II is your one true ruler!!!
"Not only are the Bush officials who failed to protect the country and misled us into war not losing their jobs. They're getting promoted."
MoDo the Dragon Lady (ala Bartcop). [NYT]

Apologize? Why? What ABC should have said after the Monday Night Football "incident": "We have heard from conservative America whose shallow take on our country lends more importance to lost family values and media images rather than the real issues of the world. We realize how the bare back of an attractive woman might upset them. But we don't apologize; we aren't sorry and no matter what the media says, we know there are plenty of people out there who agree that this whole thing is ridiculous." [ESPN]

Then, a member of the media gets it right, protects his source, and now he's going to jail. [Yahoo] So...Why isn't Robert Novak in jail instead of this guy???


Mike said...

Frank Rich is awesome! You know why? Because Bill O'Reilly mentions him every chance he gets as part of the "elite" media. Great article, as most of Rich's are. As for Maureen Dowd, as much as I like some of the stuff she says, she is also responsible for some really obnoxious comments about Gore and Kerry. The big problem with democrats...they are willing to eat their own. You will never see William Safire or Cal Thomas say anything bad about Bush, no matter what ridiculous things he does or says.

Benny B said...

I completely agree...The Dems are willing to eat their own kind. Safire would NEVER say anything bad about a fellow conservative, or the Bush Administration. Boy, I'm going to miss him when he retires!
I'm really not a big fan of Dowd, but I thought today's article was good. She is usually pretty far out there though.