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Monday, November 15, 2004

A Time For Renewal

A time for Renewal is upon us.
"There is now a debate within the Democratic Party over what to do in the 2004 election's aftermath. Some, of a very pragmatic (and, some of the less-charitable of us would say, amoral) mindset, encourage us to move even further to the right "because that's where the votes are." But do we want to govern from there? What would that mean for the moral principles that motivated our political involvement in the first place? Shall the Democrats become Goya's Saturn, eating our own children?
No, my friends, this is our 1964." [DU]

I realize at this point that my readership is well...me. I don't let this stop me! I just want to have some fun with this foray into the blogosphere!

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~Michael said...

No Ben, I read it too... but you know just as well as I know that I hate politics about as much as I hate the bears.... so not much commenting coming from my end of things.