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Monday, November 22, 2004

Just Livin' the Dream

Bob Herbert on poverty in America and trying to earn a living wage. It's not easy, and 11.2% of the American population lives in poverty. But, people don't want to hear about that...[NYT]

An article from MoDo the Dragon Lady. Why do we even have checks and balances in government? Or a better question is why did we, because they aren't there anymore. Oh, and the new budget...over 15 BILLION in "pork" added. Such necessary spending additions: antiabortion legislation, and a toilet paper hall of fame. Nice. If they're serving up pork, I want ribs. [NYT]

This is an article about the "Motown brawl" from this past Friday night, where Ron Artest of the Indiana Pacers was doused in beer, then proceeded to charge into the stands. Seriously, whomever threw that beer deserves to be held responsible, and to be banned from coming to future games. But, Artest just snapped. He deserves what he got. [NYT]

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Mike said...

Toilet paper hall of fame? Aweseome!! I don't know if it can top the TP museum in Madison, but I am willing to give anything a shot.

As for Artest, I think the fine was way too stiff...despite the fact he is an absolute jag. Ben Wallace started everything, and, if Artest went down, then Wallace should go down with him. It's all just more fuel for the right wing media to talk about how horrible black people are. Honestly, I don't care about any of it unless it helps with the downfall of that waste of a league...the sooner it folds, it better. In fact, what the hell...give Artest a bonus!!