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Monday, October 03, 2005

Wait 'Till Next Year

Congrats to the Brewers, who finished at .500 this year (81-81), the first time since 1992. The franchise is definitely moving in the right direction. This year brought unprecedented fan interest to the team, along with attendance. Immediately following the game, they fired bench coach Rich Dauer, and third-base coach Rich Donnelly.

As most of my readers know, I love the Brewers, but my heart follows the Cubs. I don't really have an issue following two teams, except when they play each other...which I hate. It brings out too much nastiness on both sides.

Much has been said about the Cubs, and their season. The Cubs get more press because they are a higher-profile team, and because of their history. After their game 7 loss in the NLCS in 2003, then the rising hopes of 2004, destroyed by a last week crash in New York, this season brought renewed hope of the elusive championship. Alas, it was not to be. Too many injuries, too many mistakes, not enough of this or that...

I have many feelings about this year's version of the Cubs, and a lot of questions. What if Nomar wouldn't have gone down in St. Louis in April? Would have have gotten hot like he was in September? What if Kerry Wood would have stayed healthy and returned to the form he was in in 2003? What if Mark Prior wouldn't have gotten hit on the elbow in May? What if that ball would have hit him just an inch or two over, and ended his career? What if the Cubs would have made Dempster the closer on day 1? He went 33-35 in saves, and they still won the two "blown saves." What if Corey Patterson would have really focused on playing this year? What if the Cubs would have won a few more games that they should have easily won. I guess we'll never know the answers to those questions.

They did some things right: they locked up Dempster for 3 more years. Derrek Lee put on a show that this Cubs fan will never forget, in route to winning his first batting title.

What will the Cubs look like in 2006? No one knows yet. I'd like to see Matt Murton and Ronny Cedeno get full-time gigs. I'd love to see Todd Walker come back. I wouldn't mind Nomar coming back, and maybe playing left field. Give Felix Pie a shot in CF. I'd like to see Aramis Ramirez and Carlos Zambrano really focus on losing some weight and strengthening their lower bodies. I'd REALLY LOVE to see some durability and a major reduction in the number of injuries. I'd love to see some defense, some fundamentals, and some HEART.

Here's some season recaps. [MissedGoals] [SeasonInReview] [Sportsline] [Tribune]

The latin phrase "Eamus Catuli" that I have in the header of my site loosely translates to "Let's Go Cubs!" I'll have to come up with something else to replace it until next spring training. Just remember, hope springs eternal! Keep the faith! Believe!

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