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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bringing Out the Absurdity of the News

NYT: "If anything, after one week, Mr. Colbert's half-hour sendup of cable news commentators already suggests that "Saturday Night Live" has outlived its usefulness - or at least is in need of a shake-up. When a comedian from "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" has a big enough following to warrant his own spinoff, it may be time to renovate NBC's 30-year-old comedy show. Even last Saturday, when Tina Fey, the head writer, was back at the "Weekend Update" anchor desk after her maternity leave, most of the political jokes were as labored and predictable as the comedy skits."

"And some of the best material on Mr. Stewart and Mr. Colbert's shows lies in their sadistic use of snippets from real newscasts and political speeches. On Thursday, Mr. Colbert showed a montage of alarmed reports about the avian flu epidemic on CNN, C-Span and MSNBC, then showed a more upbeat Fox News headline: "Bird is the word on the street. Why the avian flu could send stocks soaring." [NYT]

I love to see the reports of the numbers of people that get the majority of their news from the Daily Show, or now from the new Colbert Report. The major media outlets have become such a joke. There is no integrity, only a bunch of people fawning all over every little thing that the president does. Liberal media? That I'd like to see!

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Jason said...

Indeed, a number of people I have spoken with got their news from The Onion and The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. News through the filters of sarcasm and satire really is better than faux news through the prism of hegemony and disinformation!