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Friday, October 21, 2005

Wait 'Till Next Year - The "We Love Suffering Edition"

Looks like my favorite baseball teams aren't the only ones...it's also those of us that SUFFER that must wait for our chance.

"Well, we've been waiting for a Senate vote, and... the bad news is that the stem cell bill we've been fighting for -- HR 810 -- will not be voted on until early next year. But the good news -- according to Senator Arlen Specter -- is that Majority Leader Bill Frist has promised to bring it up as one of the first items of 2006." [StemPAC]

I hope this is just a temporary delay. As surprised as I was that Frist (R-Stock Thief) supported this measure (HR 810), I will be less surprised if this keeps getting put off. Never mind that people are suffering and dying. Welcome to AmeriKKKA, where guns rule, and regular people pay the price.

Hat tip to Brewtown Politico and Xoff.

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Mike said...

Frist is probably running for president in '08, and he knows that he needs more voters than just the wacky right to win. The majority of the country supports stem cell research, so he took the middle road. The god-nuts are already all over him for it...