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Monday, August 29, 2005

The Vietnamization of Bush's Vacation

Rich: "We have long since lost count of all the historic turning points and fast-evaporating victories hyped by this president. The toppling of Saddam's statue, "Mission Accomplished," the transfer of sovereignty and the purple fingers all blur into a hallucinatory loop of delusion. One such red-letter day, some may dimly recall, was the adoption of the previous, interim constitution in March 2004, also proclaimed a "historic milestone" by Mr. Bush. Within a month after that fabulous victory, the insurgency boiled over into the war we have today, taking, among many others, the life of Casey Sheehan."

"When the war's die-hard cheerleaders attacked the Middle East policy of a mother from Vacaville, Calif., instead of defending the president's policy in Iraq, it was definitive proof that there is little cogent defense left to be made. When the Democrats offered no alternative to either Mr. Bush's policy or Ms. Sheehan's plea for an immediate withdrawal, it was proof that they have no standing in the debate."

"Among Washington's Democrats, the only one with a clue seems to be Russell Feingold, the Wisconsin senator who this month proposed setting a "target date" (as opposed to a deadline) for getting out. Mr. Feingold also made the crucial observation that "the president has presented us with a false choice": either "stay the course" or "cut and run." That false choice, in which Mr. Bush pretends that the only alternative to his reckless conduct of the war is Ms. Sheehan's equally apocalyptic retreat, is used to snuff out any legitimate debate. There are in fact plenty of other choices echoing about, from variations on Mr. Feingold's timetable theme to buying off the Sunni insurgents."

"But don't expect any of Mr. Feingold's peers to join him or Mr. Hagel in fashioning an exit strategy that might work. If there's a moment that could stand for the Democrats' irrelevance it came on July 14, the day Americans woke up to learn of the suicide bomber in Baghdad who killed as many as 27 people, nearly all of them children gathered around American troops. In Washington that day, the presumptive presidential candidate Hillary Clinton held a press conference vowing to protect American children from the fantasy violence of video games." [NYT]

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tetrasaure said...

I have an idea, why not just get rid of the bush administration, and the war will be over in a quick minute. Congress can do it, an there is enough support right now, but are people afraid of bush and cheney causing another 9/11? Are they afraid of the terrorists which we have created in order to fill the needs of those who are commiting great crimes. Saddam, Bin Laden, and the others, which were created by USA to spin the control out of the hands of others to the hands of the USA.
This war is bull shit, the deaths of americans sucks for the bidding of someone who is not all there in the head. The troops that are dying know that when they signed that paper, and raised there hand that there was a chance that they could die. The stupid thing is that we are not making lives better, or defeating terrorists. We are allowing this country to be destroyed from the inside out and that the leadership has got the country confused to the point where they have to fallow or get trampled, from that view. I say, for the military and the FBI to fight this infection like a flu pill and purge the sickness. Its gotten republicans so pissed on what is going on they are about to do the same thing, there just waiting when its most convenient to do so. Impeachement is the word of the day, and the day after that, and until that day has come.