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Thursday, August 04, 2005

CNN Suspends Novak

Novak swears and storms off the set. "I was just listening to CNN and Novak is blathering about Katherine Harris running for senate - James Carville said something about how Novak was posturing to look tough for the right, and Novak got really blustery and said - "I think that's bullshit. Change the subject." Very quickly, the subject moved on. It looked like Novak was ready to bolt from his chair just before he said it was bullshit. Swearing on the air! The FCC better get all over this." [DailyKos] [Yahoo]

Why this buffoon is even on the air is a crime. This jerk should be in jail. Novak proves yet again why he is a partisan hack, a hypocrite, and that he was indeed involved in the outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame.

From the Daily Show, 8/3/05: "Jon Stewart goes after the energy bill..."Oh, Oil!! Giver of power, corrupter of governments, non-sticker of surfaces...Must you taunt us with your slick, non-renewable goodness?
Yes, energy is clearly an important topic with Americans. That's why, before going on recess, Congress broke a 4-year impasse by approving a massive energy bill. And while it did nothing to address our dependence on foreign oil, or fuel efficiency, or in any way simplify the strategic nature of our relationship with the Middle East, it does give oil and gas industries 500 million dollars for research and 2.7 billion dollars in tax breaks, even though a company like Exxon-Mobil made 7.6 billion dollars in pure profit just this last quarter...

Now, you might find the idea of the government using billions of taxpayer dollars to subsidize the oil companies as the antithesis of private, free-market capitalism. You are wrong...

Clip of Republican Representative Joe Barton of Texas: "This bill is based on the premise that we believe in private, free-market capitalism to develop the resources of this land in a cost-efficient manner."

Oh my God we have a winner! Congratulations, Rep. Joe Barton, you have achieved a lie-to-word ratio of one-to-one!"

P.S. Before cutting to commercials, they played this 1-to-1 lie-to-word ratio'd goodie from George W. Bush's 2005 State of the Union address: "America's prosperity requires restraining the spending appetite of the federal government. I welcome the bipartisan enthusiasm for spending discipline." [DailyKos]

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