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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Gas Prices

So, I'm driving to work this morning, and pretty much every gas station from the East Side (where I live) to the Glendale/Whitefish Bay border (where I work) was at $2.99, a rise of $.30 in about a day. I did see one Citgo station at Oakland and Capitol that was $2.88, and the high was a Shell on Hampton for $3.25.

Then I drove home. I had to take the long way down Capitol Dr because my wife and I stopped at Sprecher Brewery to get weekend supplies. EVERY gas station I saw was at least $3.29!

Check out this website to see updated local gas prices. [MilwGasPrices]

Experts: "$4 a gallon gas coming soon." [CNN]

I can't wait! I wish my income rose as fast as the gas prices!

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Kelly said...

The Clark station is on the corner of Hampton and Wilson(Santa Monica) is usually the least expensive and it actually ran out of gas yesterday! The geo isn't so bad now is it! But seriously, think about the people that have to drive for their jobs, LIKE ME!! I drove 30+ miles for work today...not so much fun. This gas problem is out of control.