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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Don't Prettify Our History

Krugman: "About the evidence regarding a manual recount: in April 2001 a media consortium led by The Miami Herald assessed how various recounts of "undervotes," which did not register at all, would have affected the outcome. Two out of three hypothetical statewide counts would have given the election to Mr. Gore. The third involved a standard that would have discarded some ballots on which the intended vote was clear. Since Florida law seemed to require counting such ballots, this standard almost certainly wouldn't have been used in a statewide recount."

"Not to be coy: election 2000 may be receding into the past, but the Iraq war isn't. As the truth about the origins of that war comes out, there may be a temptation, once again, to prettify the story. The American people deserve better." [NYT]

This wouldn't even be an issue if people would just stop voting against their best interests. I hate hearing the stories of how a poor worker in the South, barely making minimum wage, voted for Bush because he was "so religious," or he was "going to change the tone in Washington." Yep, he changed the tone alright. And now, over 1,800 of our brave men and women are dead because of it.

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