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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Forget the War?

Herbert: "On CNN's "Reliable Sources" on Sunday, there was a discussion of "Iraq fatigue," the idea that viewers, readers and editors are tiring of stories about the war and the number of deaths. But despite the fatigue, the war continues to force itself on us, with jolting developments like this week's terrible death toll for American marines."

"These are the kinds of sacrifices some Americans are making because of the war. If we're already sick of hearing about the troops getting killed, there's not much hope left for increased attention to those who are wounded." [NYT]

Guns in the parking lot: "Fresh from its victory last week, when a timorous Senate voted to protect the gun industry from damage suits, the National Rifle Association is now urging a boycott of a major energy company, ConocoPhillips, that dares to protect its employees from gunplay in the workplace. With a sense of civics worthy of the O.K. Corral, the N.R.A. announced a national campaign, replete with billboards, to urge gun lovers to bypass Conoco and Phillips 66 gasoline stations until the company drops its ban on employees' keeping firearms in company parking lots." [NYT]

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tetrasaure said...

Why do you have two different topics in a post called "Forget the War?"? You talk about the media boring the shit out of the public with death tallies of americans, and bitching about stupid stuff over and over. Then you have an artical about guns in the work place. Where are you coming from and what are you trying to point out?
As for the war, the media is protraying a stance of soldiers die and that is bad and wrong and we should bring them home because soldiers should never die. That is a load of bull, the kill count should be how many terrorists, iraqi's, and unknown combatants have been killed; kind of like a sports game. As well as the media should quit all the bull shit about troops dying because in truth that is what happens in military conflicts. The media has everything all wrong about the war, and in truth this war is the lowest kill count for the USA and the world in history. More soldiers have died on highways than fighting in iraq. The media needs a reality check that they are hurting, and I think the public is starting to get sick of it.