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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Vaunted Trio Departs

"This is hard losing three great young men, who are great players," Roy Williams said. "But this is a happy day, because everybody has dreams, and these three have dreams of playing in the NBA."
"As a coach, you are sad, but only because you're not going to get to coach these men anymore. There is nothing else to be sad about. It's a thrill for me. They're going to be able to do things for their families they can't do as college basketball players. And, they won a national championship."

The vaunted UNC junior class of 2002 is now officially gone. Rashad McCants declared for the NBA draft over a week ago. Today, the remaining two of the stellar trio, Raymond Felton and Sean May, along with super-frosh Marvin Williams, said goodbye to UNC, and announced their intentions to enter the June NBA Draft.
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I'm only sad that I won't get to watch these players again in an UNC uniform. I wish them nothing but continued success. This leaves the cupboard pretty bare, with the top seven scorers from the National Championship leaving (3 were seniors). Great class of freshman coming in, with two expected to start, and the the other two to be among the first off the bench.

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