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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Culture of Death

Rich: "We don't know the identity of the corpse that will follow the pope in riveting the nation's attention. What we do know is that the reality show we've made of death has jumped the shark, turning from a soporific television diversion into the cultural embodiment of the apocalyptic right's growing theocratic crusade." [NYT]

Patriot Act: "When Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who is not exactly a renowned civil libertarian, says the Patriot Act may need some adjustments, it clearly has serious problems. The act, which was rushed through Congress after the Sept. 11 attacks, gives government too much power to invade the privacy of ordinary Americans and otherwise trample on their rights." [NYT]

Bush Administration pushes for MORE nuclear weapons, including "low-yield bunker busters." [Tribune]

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