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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

My Blue Heaven

I will never EVER forget Monday night, April 4, 2005: The night that UNC beat Illinois for the NCAA Title. I will tell my grandchildren about a petulant team that came together, and won it all. This truly was a team; guys sacrificing individual numbers and statistics for the goal of a National Championship. This day, this game, will be permanently fused to my being, to who I am. [Mission Accomplished] [CBS] [Box]

"True, but all those people didn’t rush the court area in the Smith Center or light bonfires on Franklin Street Monday night because of the triumph of an abstract basketball concept. Words cannot do justice to the experience of seeing this group of players and this coaching staff fulfill their dreams and the experience of seeing this program return to the very top so soon after being in tatters -- only hugs, tears, a perhaps a random whoop or two can do that." [Thad]

Lucas: "The Time of Your Life."

Is Roy Williams a better coach today than he was yesterday? NO. But, this helps further cement his status as one of the greatest coaches of all time: "And no sooner had Williams taken his seat in the interview room Monday night, wearing a smile stretched wider than the spread collar on his starched white shirt, than he told reporters gathered in front of him, "I'm no better a coach than I was three hours ago." [Third Time]

Scott May has hard time watching. [Dodd] Jordan didn't have a hard time. [Jordan]
The down years that led to this victory: totally worth it. [Doyel]
Leaving early? [McCants] [IC] Coming back? [May]
Final Bracket [Bracket] Photos [Yahoo] [IC1] [IC2] [IC3] Quality video [TarHeel Blue]

I always wondered what would my ideal sports day be. What would happen? Yesterday was it. UNC wins the National Championship. Opening Day in baseball, where the Cubs won 16-6, (and resigned Aramis Ramirez!) and the Brewers won 9-2. Just a perfect day in Ben's sports world.

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