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Monday, September 26, 2005

War Protest

On Saturday, well over 100,000 people lined up in front of the White House in Washington, DC, to protest the Iraq War. Media outlets are putting the number of protestors at over 100,000, but credible outlets and the DC Police are saying more like 500,000.

Even Cindy Sheehan got arrested today: "Sheehan's arrest came after a massive antiwar demonstration Saturday in Washington which drew more than 100,000 people -- the largest such demonstration since the Iraq war began in spring 2003. A demonstration supporting the war drew roughly 500 people Sunday." [WP] [NYT] [CNN]

Anti-War fervor DC, LA, & SF. [WP]
How do 500,000 people vanish in DC? [DetNews]
Protest Photos [Yahoo]

Funny, on Sunday, the Pro-War sheep only mustered a few hundred. [SunTimes]

A second protest was also held today in front of the White House, where tens of thousands gathered. [Yahoo] Does this tell you something? In a few days time, the war opposition gathered forces in excess of half of a million. The pro-war crowd gathered 500. I utterly reject their argument that opposition to the war gives the enemy hope. Who is this "enemy?" Terrorists in Iraq that we created? Osama Bin Laden that we created, and Bush hasn't mentioned in a speech in over 1,500 days? Regardless, that's not the point. Bush got us into this illegal war, and refuses to get us out. We are now over 1,900 dead US soldiers. I fully realize that this is much less than many "wars" and other conflicts. But how does even one dead soldier make this ok? How do you ask the last person to die for a lie?

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tetrasaure said...

Damn this is really interesting, because of living in the area of DC I would imagine this is going to be a more frequent event. I was thinking of going to the event to see what was shaking and stuff, but I am in support of bring the troops home, and the war is a big crock of shit. The thing is I just would not want to be on the side that is all like on the war path of hating the troops. Thats just wrong because the troops are "servents" to KILL and BREAK things; they only fallow orders from their superiors. Sure there are a few bad troops but real point is to go after the ones issuing the orders.
We were lied to about Iraq and 9/11, and the war on terrorism is not on people over seas it's on the public of the united states. Thats my opinion based on information that I have gathered over the years.
Why do you think congress had to reprint its stupid 9/11 commision report; and not because of new unclassified information. People are catching on that it's a complete lie in of itself, and more lies need to be added to it to keep the lie going. Something needs to be done about this mess and the truth needs to be told. Thousands of people have and are dying for lies, and our countries freedoms and rights are being taken away in record pace.
Here is another good question to ask is. Who is profitting from all these lies, and what are they going to do with this new founded wealth and power?