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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Season Tickets

In 1945, my maternal Grandfather, then 16, walked up to the Green Bay Packers ticket booth on opening day, and bought two season tickets. Total cost: $16.00...for BOTH...for a SEASON. Now, that won't even buy you two brats and a beer.

60 years later, my Grandfather, accompanied by my Mother, Brother, and Sister entered the gates with a sign:

"This is my 60th year with Packers Season Tickets"

Now, I'm not a Packer fan...believe it or not, born in raised in Green Bay, I'm a Bears fan. But words cannot express what that means to me; that my Grandfather has been attending games for over 60 years and has spread his love of the Packers down to successive generations of my family. Like the Packers or not, not a lot of people around anymore can say that they have had season tickets to such a storied franchise like the Packers.

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Kelly said...

Watching Grandpa tailgating and watching the game today was the best sight to see because his Irish eyes were definetly smiling! Grandpa had people shaking his hand and congratulating him on 60 years of Packer seasons. Today Grandpa started his 60th season of Packer games and I am proud to have been there to share the tradition. Grandpa is a TRUE Packer fan as he watches the Packers battle it out each season in the good times and in the bad with a green and gold heart. Grandpa has seen it all when it comes to Packer history and I am proud to be apart of the Packer tradition in our family, he has passed it along well in our family.