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Friday, September 16, 2005

Delayed Response to Drinking Liberally

I've been just swamped since I met a whole bunch of really great people on Wednesday. I wanted to post this on Wednesday night when I got back from Drinking Liberally, but unfortunately it got put off until tonight.

Special thanks to Stacie, Scott, and Jason for hosting! Along with those extremely fine people, it was VERY nice to meet some of the champs of the Milwaukee blogosphere like Brewtown Politico, Public Brewery, Folkbum, HeraldBlog, CharlesGray, and JennaGray.

We had 22 people show up for our inaugural! Check out the Pictures! Yes, good reader, you guessed it. I'm the stud with the red hair and blue shirt drinking the Guinness.


WatchdogMilwaukee.com said...

Be sure to let us know at WatchdogMilwaukee.com before the next one.

Jason said...

There were a few people there with blue shirts. Was yours the one with the white horizontal stripes, or the anchor? Or a different one altogether? :D

Benny B said...

I was the redhead with glasses...I had blue and white striped shirt (vertically).