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Friday, September 16, 2005

That Bullhorn Moment

Dowd: "You're already vulnerable and alone when suddenly you're beset by nature and betrayed by your government. At St. Rita's, 34 seniors fought to live with what little strength they had as the lights went out and the water rose over their legs, over their shoulders, over their mouths. As Gardiner Harris wrote in The Times, the failed defenses included a table nailed against a window and a couch pushed against a door. Several electric wheelchairs were gathered near the front entrance, maybe by patients who dreamed of evacuating. Their drowned bodies were found swollen and unrecognizable a week later, as Mr. Harris reported, "draped over a wheelchair, wrapped in a shower curtain, lying on a floor in several inches of muck."

"Even though we know W. likes to be in his bubble with his feather pillow, the stories this week are breathtaking about the lengths the White House staff had to go to in order to capture Incurious George's attention."

"W. has said he prefers to get his information straight up from aides, rather than filtered through newspapers or newscasts. But he surrounds himself with weak sisters who don't have the nerve to break bad news to him, or ideologues with agendas that require warping reality or chuckleheaded cronies like Brownie."

"The president should stop haunting New Orleans, looking for that bullhorn moment. It's too late." [NYT]

I'm glad that he's at least giving the public appearance that he is going to take some responsibility for this colossal disaster. But we all know where that will lead. He will open his own investigation of himself, which will lead nowhere. Call me cynical, but this was a case of a red state with a blue governor and mayor. Why should he help the poor? Their much easier to blame.

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tetrasaure said...

One of the best things that Bush did so far was at least admitting to being responsible for the federal government’s actions in the hurricane relief effort. Now the big question is going to be who is going to investigate the matter in who is going to be punished for this matter? I hope to god it’s not like another botched event like the 9/11 commission where you have everyone and there brother pointing fingers back and forth, blatant lying while under oath, and members of the panel dismissing critical information. I also hope that the Bush administration leaves the investigations to be done to independent groups to assess the situation, and not one which is too scared to critically investigate the truth of the matters. Tragic handlings of this magnitude deserve complete accountability of the leadership responsible.
The one thing that is clear about what has transpired in this epic natural disaster is that, your survival is based on your individualism, and character; not the in the hands of some government.