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Monday, July 25, 2005

What Bush Doesn't Know

Herbert: "So where are we, now that the real world has intervened? The military is spinning its wheels in the tragic and expensive quagmire of Iraq and there is no end to the conflict in sight. A front-page story in The Times on Sunday said the insurgents "just keep getting stronger and stronger."

"There is still no indication that the Bush administration recognizes the utter folly of its war in Iraq, which has been like a constant spray of gasoline on the fire of global terrorism. What was required in the aftermath of Sept. 11 was an intense, laserlike focus by America and its allies on Al Qaeda-type terrorism."

"Instead, the Bush crowd saw its long dreamed of opportunity to impose its will on Iraq, which had nothing to do with the great tragedy of Sept. 11. Many thousands have paid a fearful price for that bit of ideological madness." [NYT]


tetrasaure said...

The war was won and over back in 1991, but Bush senior pulled out before getting Sadam. Oops getting his butt buddy from Egypt when he was director of the CIA, who killed J Edgar Hoover for finding out who killed Kenedy. Bush knows, and knows what is going on because he and his buddies are in which you never hear about but they are planning the anything you see.
Bilderburg, CFR, Trilateral Group, and the mass of brain washed people.

tetrasaure said...

Grammar and such is not good, but if your smart and have the will to dig up what is going on. The first thing you need is www.wikipedia.com and you can find out where bush comes from. LOL, I and my co-workers at Andrews AFB know where Bush comes from, and he is not Texan, or American.