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Thursday, July 28, 2005


Daily Outrage: In order to pass the Central American Free Trade Agreement, the House leadership held the vote open for an additional 47 minutes after the 15 minute voting period had expired. At the end of the original voting period, opponents of CAFTA had defeated the bill by a vote of 180-175. Forty-seven minutes later, conservatives eked out a 217-215 victory by "twist[ing] arms" and exchanging favors for votes. Last night's antics parallel the tactics employed in passing the 2003 Medicare prescription drug bill -- a process that has led to congressional ethics investigation. [CAP]

Pretty awesome. In order to pass their crappy "free-trade" bill, the repugs hold voting open for an additional 47 minutes. If you can't win, CHEAT!!! Really glad that we're teaching our kids the right message.

Also check out Sirota's take on the 15 pansy-ass democrats that voted with the repugs on this. More Repugs (27) voted against this crappy bill than these dems that voted for it.

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tetrasaure said...

CAFTA, man, bad news, its like 1000 plus pages. The true thing is that less than 40 issues in the 1000 pages relates to trade. Most of the other pages are for governmental agreements, pork barrel spending and so much other junk. Its not to much difference to most of the laws in which are coming out today, they are too big for most people to read before the bill is passed. If you are a globalist you can feel prowd that you can hire workers for less than $0.75 a hour for all of Centeral America.