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Friday, July 15, 2005

Bernard Goldberg Is A Big Fat Idiot

If you're not watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, what the hell is wrong with you? :)

This week, Mr. Stewart had Bernard Goldberg on, who wrote this book: 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America: (and Al Franken is #37). All I have to say, is watch the video (link below), and you'll see who the real bitch is. What a loser. [Video]

And here's his Top 10:

1. Michael Moore, filmmaker
2. Arthur Sulzberger, publisher of The New York Times
3. Ted Kennedy, Democratic U.S. senator, Massachusetts
4. Jesse Jackson, Democratic African-American activist
5. Anthony Romero, American Civil Liberties Union's executive director
6. Jimmy Carter, former Democratic president
7. Margaret Marshall, chief justice, Massachusetts state Supreme Court
8. Paul Krugman, columnist at The New York Times
9. Jonathan Kozol, education scholar and author
10. Ralph Neas, president of People for the American Way

"Yes, these folks are definetly screwing up America. Screwing it up for the Bush crime family, the neocons, and their unholy fundamentalist allies at least." [DailyKos]

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