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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Ms. Miller Goes to Jail

Editorial: "Journalists talk about these issues a great deal, and they can seem abstract. The test comes when a colleague is being marched off to jail for doing nothing more than the job our readers expected of her, and of the rest of us. The Times has been in these fights before, beginning in 1857, when a journalist named J. W. Simonton wrote an editorial about bribery in Congress and was held in contempt by the House of Representatives for 19 days when he refused to reveal his sources. In the end, Mr. Simonton kept faith, and the corrupt congressmen resigned. All of our battles have not had equally happy endings. But each time, whether we win or we lose, we remain convinced that the public wins in the long run and that what is at stake is nothing less than our society's perpetual bottom line: the citizens control the government in a democracy."

"She is surrendering her liberty in defense of a greater liberty, granted to a free press by the founding fathers so journalists can work on behalf of the public without fear of regulation or retaliation from any branch of government." [NYT]

So now Judith Miller goes to jail...for an article that she didn't write. Matt Cooper, I think, isn't far behind. What the hell is wrong with the "judicial system." They are trying to force them to reveal their sources, which would completely undermine the Press as a whole. Nice one conservatives!

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