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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Why We're Losing

Thomas Friedman: "We may lose because of the defiantly wrong way that Donald Rumsfeld has managed this war and the cynical manner in which Dick Cheney, George Bush and - with some honorable exceptions - the whole Republican right have tolerated it. Many conservatives would rather fail in Iraq than give liberals the satisfaction of seeing Mr. Rumsfeld sacked. We may lose because our Arab allies won't lift a finger to support an election in Iraq - either because they fear they'll be next to face such pressures, or because the thought of democratically elected Shiites holding power in a country once led by Sunnis is anathema to them."
Bringing democracy to Iraq is a worthy goal, but at what cost? What has happened to the Iraqi people under Saddam Hussein is unconscionable. Yet, this continues through the insurgency; the Iraqi people. They want to bring Iraq back to theocratic control. [NYT]

MoDo the Dragon Lady: "President Bush finally acknowledged that the Iraqis can't hack it as far as securing their own country, which means that America has no exit strategy for its troops." [NYT]

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