I Want to Save a Child's Sight!

Monday, December 27, 2004


The Chicago Bears were robbed yesterday in Detroit on an apparent 43-yard TD pass with 1:26 to play. The replays CLEARLY showed that Bernard Berrian caught the ball, and that it was a TD that would have put the Bears ahead by 1. Officials called it an incomplete pass, giving the Bears their 10th loss of the season. [Tribune] [CBS] [Bears]

Bob Herbert: "You might think that the debacle in Iraq would be enough for the Pentagon, that it would not be in the mood to seek out new routes to unnecessary wars for the United States to fight. But with Donald Rumsfeld at the apex of the defense establishment, enough is never enough." [NYT]

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Mike said...

Dude...that was a truly awful call, and the refs should have checked that. The good news is...better draft pick...right?