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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Welcome to Nascar-Land!

Frank Rich welcomes all of you to Nascar-Land! So, does that mean that we live either in a Jeff Gordon State, or a Earnhardt Junior State? Liberal media my ass!!!!!! [NYT]

The 9/11 Bubble by Thomas Friedman. So, which generation is going to foot the bill and the debt for this Administration's inept policies? Yes, that would be you, 20-year olds. [NYT]

MoDo the Dragon Lady asks if maybe it's time we have a woman or a black person take over a nightly news desk. I guess it's still a man's world on the boob-tube. (Is that an FCC violation?) They can put whomever they want on the nightly news, I still won't watch it, The Simpsons are on!!! Of course if they had put Katie Couric in Tom Brokaw's spot, I'd probably start drinking heavily. (oh...wait) [NYT]

Oh, and those "new" 12,000 troops going to Iraq? Yeah...10,400 of them are ALREADY THERE. They are just extending their tours of duty by 60 days, even though they've already been there for a year. Great idea! [NYT] [Tribune] [WP]

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