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Friday, December 31, 2004

Armor, Tragedy, & Ethics, OH MY!

Frank Rich: "Such is the disconnect that Washington and the news media react with slack-jawed shock when one of those good soldiers we support so much speaks up at a town hall meeting in Kuwait and asks the secretary of defense why vehicles that take him and his brothers into battle lack proper armor." [NYT]

Bob Herbert: "Any tragedy is awful for the relatives of those who perished. But this is a catastrophe of a different magnitude. "This," as one observer noted, "is like confronting the apocalypse." [NYT]

House ethics are going by the wayside with this Republican plan. "After a summary of the Republican plans became public on Thursday, officials of the organizations said the changes appeared to represent a step backward and could cripple the ethics panel in efforts to hold lawmakers accountable for suspect conduct." [NYT]

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