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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Good News on AAR in Milwaukee

Got this in the ol' inbox today:

"Nova M Radio, the company owned by Air America founders Shel and Anita Drobny, has identified a radio station for sale in Milwaukee. Nova M, which is working with us to bring AAR to Wisconsin, is not at liberty to reveal which station it is, but we understand that it’s a good station with excellent coverage of the greater Milwaukee area. That’s wonderful news.

The challenge? The current owners will not lease it. They will only sell it outright.

For five million dollars.

That’s one hefty goal. But it’s not mission impossible. The potential for a strong progressive radio voice in Milwaukee is there. We just need several million bucks to buy the microphone. So we’re calling upon on everyone in Milwaukee’s progressive community to participate in the spirit of this truly progressive venture.

If you’re of modest means and you’d like to stake your claim in bringing a progressive voice to Milwaukee, become a founding sponsor of the station. Go to AirAmericaMilwaukee.com, click “BECOME A FOUNDING SPONSOR,” and follow the instructions.

If, on the other hand, you’re financially capable of INVESTING on a larger scale – or if you know of anyone else who has the resources – email us at info@airamericamilwaukee.com, and we’ll hook you up with Nova M. It’s not just a moral investment. It’s a financial investment in talk radio’s biggest success story, Air America Radio.


The Milwaukee Air Force"

Hopefully we can bring this quality radio programming to Milwaukee!


realdebate said...

Good luck with that.

Jason said...

My question is, if they're as well off as they claim to be, why can't they finance at least a *part* of that?

The good news is that conservatives who care about little things like freedom agree that Milwaukee media (esp. radio) presents a very monochromatic point of view. Not that I expect them to give a cent to this cause, but at least they see the truth for a change.

Jason said...

Furthermore -- I want to hear Ed Schultz on the air here in Milwaukee. He's a God-fearing gun-toting red-meat-eating sports-loving American from who broadcasts progressive talk from Fargo, North Dakota. The first time I heard him on the Mic 92.1 in Madison, I thought he was Rush Limbaugh (no offense, Big Ed!), but the guy was making sense! I listened in awe and soon had a bit of an awakening -- you could be a lefty without clinging for dear life to the same tired, expired items of liberal gospel that so many seem to hold on to. I had basically done that for several years, but never understood it until I heard Big Ed. That's the sort of stuff the left needs!